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The Appeal of Mid Century Wall Art

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Wall art from the 50s and 60s is so cool… Rock gravel and velvet art just screams 1960s! Here are a few I have sold over the last year. I swoop them up every time the price is right, which is usually always! :)

Rock Gravel Wall Art

Kitty & Poodle Rock Gravel Art

Comedy/Tragedy rock gravel art

Comedy/Tragedy Masks Rock Gravel Art

And I thought this Burwood set came right out of Don Draper’s office! I paid $6 for both pieces, Cha-Ching!

Walnut Burwood Duck Wall Hangings

The Culver barware set I recently discussed here sold for my full asking price!! Love the quick turnaround, and awesome ROI (Return on Investment)!

Culver Valencia Bar Glass/Caddy Set

And the antique pewter beer stein I blogged about here just sold for $100, not bad for a $1.95 investment!

Find of the Week!
Actually a find from 2 weeks ago, a silver tea/coffee set. It was in the case at my local thrift and very badly tarnished. I saw a signature but didn’t know it. I was going to look it up on my phone, when something else caught my eye in the store and I forgot all about it. LOL, how many times does that happen! :) I got home, remembered the name and looked it up. OMG, I dashed back to the store and it must have been fate. I thought they closed at 8pm, but on Monday’s they close at 6pm, and it was 6:20pm and they hadn’t locked the doors yet! I scooped it for for $55. The gal working the case told me they had just put it out that day. I came home and polished the heck out them. 5 of the pieces sold at auction. I paid $55 for 6 pieces, made $446 ROI in 7 days! LOVE IT! This is the one that sold for the most, 2 bidders duked it out!

Michael Aram Twigware Pitcher

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