Barware Love!

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I just love vintage barware. The stuff they made back then was so cool! I don’t just source at thrift stores and estate sales but also on Craigslist! I found this gorgeous Culver Valencia set just last weekend. They were only asking $10, SCORE! You can see the listing here.

Culver made so many awesome pieces, many unsigned. But many have this signature elaborate gilted design that are unmistakable.

Here’s another awesome set I found at a thrift recently! Designed by Early Times Whiskey especially for their 1960s Pussycat cocktail, this set of four vintage Pussycat drinking glasses is a rare find as it also includes the original promotional leaflet with recipe, info about the glasses and cocktail mix, and mail in form. Love the typeface!! Makes me want to put on my Go-Go Dress and be a part of Laugh-In! You can see the listing here.


Time to share a recent score! It was about time this got listed, as I got it over 2 years ago at an estate sale! Paid $20 for a huge grocery bag full of different paper dolls and clothes. This was the first one I listed from that bag. I was really shocked by this score! I figure out of the whole lot I paid about $1.00! You can see the listing here.


I published my first Snapguide!
Snapguide is a free iOS app and web service for those that want to create and share step-by-step “how to guides.” Also available on your desktop at The service provides easy to understand instructions for a wide array of topics including cooking, gardening, crafts, repairs, do-it-yourself projects, fashion tips, entertaining and more. It’s truly awesome! It’s available as a free download on your iPhone or iPad. Download it here.

Check out How to Make Money on Ebay Shopping at Thrift Stores by Vicki Pene on Snapguide.

I’m in the process of writing a more in-depth thrifting guide available for purchase here soon!

Time to start listing all the awesome stuff I found yesterday!

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