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MY BIGGEST SCORE: A Disney Bear Nets $747.00 on Ebay!

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Thrifting on vacation.

If you’re addicted to thrift stores like I am, you won’t let a little thing like a vacation stop you from getting in a little thrift time! My dear husband up to this point had been humoring me with the whole thrift store thing, he really didn’t get it. This was a hobby I was attempting to make into my full-time income. This was exactly 11 months ago and we were in Newport Beach, CA on a week long vacation from our problems, as Bill Murray would say in “What About Bob” (we love this movie!).

A little thrift store that was almost a bust.

Our second day of vacation we decide to hit up a few local thrifts in Newport. There was a small tiny one in a strip mall. Of course, my husband opted to go to the sporting good store in the same center, while I beeline to the thrift. My usual MO (modus operandi!) is to head to dinnerware, glassware and pottery, it’s my Fav! I perused a few of the aisles and was feeling a bit disappointed as nothing was calling my name. I did a quick circle again around these shelves, but sadly nothing.

2 paws and a face, OH MY!

I start toward the door, when I remember that I should check the plush section. I heard from my online group about a very collectible Mickey Mouse bear callled a “Hidden Mickey”. Apparently these bears have a silhouette of Mickey’s ears on the bottom of his paws, and a barely perceptible ears silhouette in the face. Normally thrift stores have their plush piled in a large bin and you have to literally “paw” through to find anything, definitely not on the top of my list of fun things to do! This store had their plush nicely lined up on a high shelf, there were just about 10 different little stuffed animals perked up nicely, just calling for someone to “buy me”! I start at the left side of the shelf and am looking for ears on the paws… scanning, walking, scanning, OMG, wait there are ears on these paws! My eyes move up the to the face and I see it, I see it, a silhoutte in the face!! I almost fell over! I was jumping up and down inside. I had to grab it quick in case someone else took it first (mind you I was the only one in the store!). This little guy was blue with funny ears, a bunny bear? I looked for the tush tag and there it was, Disneyland Resort! I heard that these bears are found at Disneyland and Disney World. He also had a little easter egg patch on his back that said Happy Easter 2003. How cute, an Easter Bunny Bear! Then disappointment was starting to set it because I had yet to find the price tag, and I thought this little guy was going to be very expensive. But there was no tag!

I almost negotiated for him.

I took my interesting find to the counter and asked the sales girl “how much?” She says: “How about $3?” I did something terrible, I almost asked if I could have it for $2.00, for shame! And then I thought better, as I knew I had a real score in my hands. At this point my husband walks in and looks at this blue weird looking bear in my hand and is totally rolling his eyes at me. I wanted to tell him so bad what I had in my hands, but I didn’t want to say anything in front of the girl. It seemed like a painfully long time to finally get out the door. Once outside, I told my better-half what I had, little did I know it was better than I even knew!

$3 and 2 weeks later.

I couldn’t wait the 5 days to get home and then list him, so what does an Ebay selling junkie do, but list him in my hotel room! And the timing was so right on with Easter being just around the corner, yeah!! On 2/11/2011 I started him at $9.99, 7 day auction, with a $850 reserve. 7 days later bidding ended at $500, no sale. :( Immediately after the auction ended I relisted Mickey in my Ebay store at $900 or Best Offer. Within 1 hour I had a $700 offer, a few hours later a $600 offer, and later that day another $700 offer. The girl that offered the first $700 seemed to really want this little guy… so I countered at $750 and she accepted!

Sold for: $750.00
Sale Date: 2/20/2011
Where the winner lives: Japan

I was sad to see the little guy go.

I’m not sure if it was the $750 (probably so!), but I had become attached to this little bear, and his cuteness was really growing on me. AND on my husband. After this sale, he was all on-board with eBay and now we do it together… a real family business! Here is Mickey getting ready for the looooong trip to Japan!