For the Love of the Ashtray

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Italian Art Pottery, oh my!

I’m not a smoker by any means…. so go figure that I would love vintage ashtrays and lighters, they ooze mid-century cool!! Last weekend this one screamed at me from a mid-century estate sale. When I saw the “Made in Italy” marked I was hooked. Ala Mad Men, picture Don Draper, discussing the next big ad campaign while drinking whiskey (or is bourbon!) out of their Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly’s, and tipping their ashes into awesome art pottery ashtrays, like this one!

Italian Art Pottery Wine Motif Ashtray

Mr. Sascha B.

And you can’t deny the allure of Sascha Brastoff’s work…. I mean tee-pee ashtrays, so cool! It was sitting pitifully alone on a card table out on a small dark patio, with only one other lonely item. Marked .50 cents, SOLD! This particular one is marked as a second, but I think the design is more interesting, and definitely a one-of-a-kind glaze! You can view more details about this cute little gem here.

I love this set so much I feel like taking up smoking!

Found this neat set at an Oceanside Thrift. I probably paid more than I should have, but I just had to have it. Can’t you just picture them on this Eames side table! See more about this chic set here.


2 thoughts on “For the Love of the Ashtray

  1. Judy

    I absolutely love mid-century! (reminds me of my childhood, but don’t tell anyone) Those are awesome ashtrays but I am dying to hear about the one up at the top in your header. That one really brings back memories for me!

    1. Vicki Post author

      Hi Judy! Thanks for visiting my blog. That ashtray at the top is actually a stock photo. It soooo resonated with me too, I just love it!


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