Love Me Some Danish Flatware!

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Danish style wood fondue forks

I am in LOVE with Danish style wood pieces, especially flatware! Fondue forks, especially yum! They are not so easy to find, but when I do you can bet I will scoop them up! I am not the only one that loves them, noooooo, there are many lovers of this lovely stuff. They are so sleek and modern, who wouldn’t love them? These fondue forks are available here.

Ekco Canoe Muffin Salad Fork Set

And then there are the Canoe Muffins! What? Yes, you heard me right. There is a brand of flatware by Ekco called Canoe Muffin. I seriously don’t know where they came up with the name, the only thing I can think of is that they were drinking when the named them, or just maybe there was a method to their madness, these handles look like little canoes! I found a whole set of these at an Estate Sale, complete with a turquoise plastic utensil holder! I’ve sold quite a bit of this stuff but have a few pieces left, you can find them here.

Find of the week!

Just found this today and was I super excited when I got home and did some research and found this is an authentic RCA Victor Nipper the Dog advertising statue! This guy is BIG at almost 13″ tall! This is a total find and I hope I get my opening auction bid, and then some. You can see Nipper here.

Nipper the Dog RCA Victor Statue

Until next week, and I hope I have an awesome score to share!

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