Mid Century Modern Holiday 25% Off Sale!

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11 Pipers Piping Illustration

In the spirit of the holidays, here is an awesome mid-century illustration of Eleven Pipers Piping, by artist Pat Conley. This was part of a 12 Days of Christmas set of place mats given to the employees of  Employers Mutual of Wausau back in the day. I found the complete set of these last year, gravy stains and all! So charming, with a great mid-century look. I sold 8 and have 4 left. You can see them here and at 25% off! I’m offering that reduction on all mid-century modern items… feel free to do a little holiday shopping for you or your loved ones! You can see all the retro items for sale here.

Nipper Score!
Well I sure was hoping for a score on Nipper, but I was not prepared for this! Check out this amazing sale. That is a whopping ROI (Return on Investment) of 142%!! He is going to Hershey PA, wish him luck on his journey, as I just shipped him out yesterday. Perhaps he will be displayed in a store somewhere, who knows?

Find of the Week!

Antique Ruby Red Flashed Beer Stein

I found this neat German beer stein at the same thrift I found Nipper! And like him, just $1.95. I almost put it back as the red flash had quite a bit of wear, but it was the most unique stein I had ever seen, so I had to scoop it up! When I got home and did some research I found that this is an old piece, from around mid to late 1800s. I smell a score! You can see the auction here.

Off to Park City, Utah on Saturday for a wonderful pre-Christmas ski vacation. And of course you know what I will be doing along the way, THRIFTING! :)

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