Ok, it’s been a ridiculously long time!

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My only excuse for being so absent is our big move to Idaho! We moved in May and getting nicely settled in. We are enjoying the actual “seasons”! So far we have had late-spring, an unseasonably HOT & SMOKEY summer (many wildfires in the northwest!), and now we are into a gorgeous fall! Now I know why they call it Fall! Leaves, leaves everywhere! Luckily Greg does all the clean up! :) So, I’ve made a New Years Resolution starting now: I promise to post here at least once a week. Did you hear me? I hope so!  Ok, I feel much better now!

Let’s start with a score!

Rutledge Freeman McFarlin Unicorn

Found this little cutie about a month ago at Deseret Thrift here in Boise. I thought he was cute and found a signature on the bottom, but didn’t recognize it. Got home, googled the signature “Rutledge” and SCORE! This piece was made by Freeman McFarlin Potteries of Southern California. (I am finding a lot of California finds up here!) You can read more about them here Freeman McFarlin Potteries. I paid $2 for him and he sold shortly after I listed him for $62.29! See the listing here Rutledge Freeman McFarlin Unicorn.

Find of the week! (and it’s only Thursday!)

Hal David Berger Art Glass Perfume Bottle with Dauber

On a spontaneous thrift store run on Tuesday at the Meridian Goodwill, I saw this pretty piece, a colorful perfume bottle with dauber! Any glass that is signed is worth buying. This one was, but again didn’t recognize it. Put it in my cart and continued down the aisles to search for more finds. Paid my $2.99 for this, and headed home. I can’t resist researching right when I get home to figure out what I have. But duty calls (my other job doing graphic design), and I had to get to work. I was able to get back out to the garage early in the evening to start my research. It didn’t take me 5 minutes to figure out the artist Hal David Berger! Who, you say? That is what I said, until I looked him up on Ebay, cha-ching! He creates some very beautiful pieces. On Ebay mostly his paperweights are found, and at the time I listed this, no other perfume bottles, yeah!! So I got him listed pronto! You can see the listing here Hal David Berger Art Glass Perfume Bottle with Dauber.

Until next time… which will be very soon! :)

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