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Would you like to learn to sell on Ebay?

Learn from the best. The Queen of Auctions, Lynn Dralle. She has made her living selling unique one-of-a kind items on Ebay. She has some wonderful teaching tools, e-zines, books, teleseminars, you name it! I learned all I know from Lynn. You can visit her website here. Also watch her “Trash to Cash” episodes on YouTube, totally fun and informative!!

Need a blog or website to complement your online business?

I’d like to recommend my friend, Pam Nilzon at She can help you register your domain name, set up hosting and install WordPress, including your chosen WordPress theme and any widgets and plugins you might need – all at very affordable rates. And if you are looking for a completely custom designed website, she can do that too. As you can see from my blog Pam knows what she is doing!